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Statement of Environmental Commitment

The Washington State Pest Managementl Association and its members hereby:

Acknowledge the natural beauty and wonder of the geography, the flora and fauna, of Washington State and the Pacific Northwest at large, and in doing so, we clearly recognize that there exists intrinsic value in the natural environment of Washington which transcends its economic value;

Recognize the high value of the health and well-being of the people of Washington State in their pursuit of a fulfilling lifestyle;

Declare a commitment to strive to reflect these values as we manage all our affairs, particularly in the providing of pest control services;

Recognize that when we use pesticides, they, while valuable when used correctly, carry a potential for hazard to both the natural environment and to public health and that this is one of the primary reasons we have been set apart as licensed professionals; therefore, we declare a commitment to the informed, conscientious, and judicious use of these products;

Declare a commitment to the creative implementation of meaningful Integrated Pest Management.

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