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Welcome to our online dues payment service. We hope you will find it a convenient way to quickly and easily pay your membership dues online.

Your renewal will not be complete until payment AND renewal form are received.

Both the print (fill out and mail) and electronic (complete the form and email it) versions of the Renewal Application are available for download here:

Right-click (PC) or Control-click ( Mac) and select "Save link as" (PC) or "Save as" (Mac) to save the preferred document to your computer.


Please refer to your renewal form to determine the amount of your dues.

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How secure is my online credit card payment?
Your credit card information is submitted securely and processed by First Data Global Gateway, a company which specializes in securely accepting online payments.

Will First Data Global Gateway keep a record of my credit card number?
No, for your security your credit card number will not be stored by First Data Global Gateway after processing your dues payment.

Can I still mail in my dues?
Yes, you can still pay your dues in the usual way by mail. We hope you will find that paying your dues online by credit card is a convenient option.

My credit card was declined. I know it's good. What should I do?
Our credit card process utilizes safeguards for protection of your credit card information. If your credit card is erroneously rejected it may be due to billing information at your card issuer that is out-of-date. If you have a question about your credit card account, please call your card issuer.

For dues questions, please contact us at 360-709-9309 or 800-253-3836.

Download a copy of our Member Benefits here.





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