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  A PEST CONTROL OPERATOR (PCO) is an individual who:
bulletPerforms the service of inspecting a building for wood destroying organisms or other structural
spcrinvading pests; evaluates their damage and identifies conditions conducive to their infestation.
bulletDetermines treatment specifications for a WDO or pest, based on the inspection.
bulletPerforms the treatment.
  A STRUCTURAL PEST INSPECTOR: SPI is an individual who:
bulletPerforms the service of inspecting a building for ONLY wood destroying organisms,
spcrevaluates their damage, or conditions conducive to their infestation.
bulletThis service is typically performed for a real estate transfer.
bulletDOES NOT determine treatment specifications for a WDO.
bulletDOES NOT perform the treatment.
  To verify licensing contact the Washington State Department of Agriculture by clicking on this link:  WSDA

Member Firms

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    A Certified Home Inspector   253.365.5558   ronshafers67@gmail.com   SPI
    All Green Pest Control   253.640.2418   www.agpestcontrol.com   PCO  
    All Seasons Pest Control   253.535.5600   www.allseasonspest.com   PCO  
    Alpha Ecological   800.272.0480   www.alphaecological.com/   PCO  
    Bradford Inspections  


  www.bradford-inspections.com   SPI  
    Crawl Space Cleaning Pros, Inc.   253.507.7682   www.seattlecrawlspacecleaning.com      
    Critter Inhibitor   425.255.3759   Critterman@nventure.com   PCO
    Dennis Moore Termite & Pest Mgmt   253.858.3820   www.dennismooretermite.com   PCO
    Farrington Pest Control   253.538.2861   www.FarringtonPestControl.com   PCO  
    Immaculate Pest Control   253.677.7424   Imaccdoyou@comcast.net   PCO
    Independent Pest Solutions LLC   253.284.4571   www.independentpestsolutions.com   PCO
    Jim Shinn's Extermation Company   253.841.1779   Baitman123@comcast.net   PCO
    Lind Pest Control   253.503.1100   www.lindpestcontrol.com   PCO  
    Long Pest Control   253.565.8228   www.longpestcontrol.com   PCO
    Michael L Glendenning Pest Management   253.549.4039   www.Michaelglendenning.com   PCO  
    Orkin Inc   253.926.2573   www.orkin.com   PCO  
    PRO Pest Control   253.584.6900   www.propestcontrol.biz   PCO  
    Quality 1st Pest Solutions   253.226.2206   www.quality1stpestsolutions.com   PCO  
    Rambo Total Pest Control   253.848.6000   www.rambopest.com   PCO  
    Sentinel Pest Control   253.538.2576   www.sentinelpest.com   PCO  
    Sprague Pest Solutions   253.572.6500   www.spraguepest.com   PCO  
    Surelock Homes Inspection Co   253.219.3460   www.surelockinspects.com   SPI  
    Tom Drohan Home Inspection   253.279.9029   www.tdrohi.com   SPI  
    Terminix International   800.626.5546   www.terminix.com   PCO  
    Whitworth Pest Solutions   888.959.1818   www.whitworthpestsolutions.com   PCO  
    WSU   253.445.4577   hinesre@wsdu.edu      
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