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  A PEST CONTROL OPERATOR (PCO) is an individual who:
bulletPerforms the service of inspecting a building for wood destroying organisms or other structural
spcrinvading pests; evaluates their damage and identifies conditions conducive to their infestation.
bulletDetermines treatment specifications for a WDO or pest, based on the inspection.
bulletPerforms the treatment.
  A STRUCTURAL PEST INSPECTOR: SPI is an individual who:
bulletPerforms the service of inspecting a building for ONLY wood destroying organisms,
spcrevaluates their damage, or conditions conducive to their infestation.
bulletThis service is typically performed for a real estate transfer.
bulletDOES NOT determine treatment specifications for a WDO.
bulletDOES NOT perform the treatment.
  To verify licensing contact the Washington State Department of Agriculture by clicking on this link:  WSDA

Member Firms

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    A Complete Pest Control   206.362.2847   nobugs4you@gmail.com   PCO  
    AAA Pest Control   888.827.5563   www.AAApest.com      
    Able Pest Control   253.867.5990   www.ablepestcontrol.net   PCO  
    Adept Pest Solutions   425.738.0499   www.AdeptPest.com   PCO  
    Alderwood Pest Control   206.361.1537   www.alderwoodpestcontrol.com   PCO  
    All-Pro Pest Control   206.762.3959   www.all-propestcontrol.com   PCO  
    Cascade Pest Control   888.989.8979   www.cascadepest.com   PCO  
    Cascade West Home Inspections   206.920.7032   www.cwhomeinspections.com   SPI  
    Community Psychiatric Clinic   206.461.8327   dwelch@cpcwa.org      
    Courier  Pest Control   206.784.9513   Bugchief@hotmail.com   PCO  
    Critter Control Of Seattle   253.639.6377   seattle.crittercontol.com   PCO  
    Dominion Pest Control Services, Inc.
  www.dompest.com   PCO  
    Eastside  Exterminators   425.482.2100   www.EastsideExterminators.com
    Eco Elite Pest Control   253.486.6853   www.ecoelitepestcontrol.com   PCO  
    Evergreen Building Inspection Services   425.827.4581   www.evergreenbis.com   SPI  
    Evergreen Pest Solutions   253.230.1560   EvergreenPestSolutions.com   PCO  
    Fly Bye Bird Products   425.820.8296 www.flybye.com      
    Home & Building Services   206.232.2473   myhouseandyours.com/   SPI  
    Home Inspections Of Puget Sound   206.295.4330   Info@HipsPro.com   SPI  
    Homegard Pest Control Services   425.821.7038   homegardservices@aol.com   PCO  
    NW K9 Bed Bug Detectives   206.801.3522   www.nwk9bedbugdetectives.com   PCO  




    Regiment Pest Control   425.424.2280   www.regimentpestcontrol.com   PCO  
    Seattle Housing Authority   206.770.6851   www.seattlehousing.org   PCO  
    Sprague Pest Solutions (Seattle)   253.323.5660   www.spraguepest.com      
    Smart Choice Home Inspections   253.569.1302   www.smartchoicehomeinspections.com   SPI  
    Stop Bugging Me, LLC   206.749.2847   info@stopbuggingmenow.com   PCO  
    Straight Street Home Inspections   866.247.3654   www.homeinspect.ws   SPI  
    Terminix International-Seattle Commercial   253.854.7270   www.terminix.com   PCO  
    Terminix International-Seattle Residential   425.487.6643   www.terminix.com   PCO  
    United Pest Solutions   206.632.1270   www.unitedpestsolutions.com   PCO  
    Willard's Pest Control   425.820.1980   www.willardspestcontrol.com   PCO  
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